A Message From the Dean - November 2018

Our students spent part of a Saturday in early November helping out at Soil Born Farms in the Sacramento area.
Our students spent part of a Saturday in early November helping out at Soil Born Farms in the Sacramento area.

Finding ways to be of service is one of our core values

I’d like to extend a sincere “welcome back” to everyone after the Thanksgiving break and the campus closure caused by the very poor air quality from the tragic Camp Fire. Our hearts go out to all those affected by what is now the most destructive and deadly wildfire in California history.

Chancellor May noted in a message last week that the decision to close the campus was not an easy one but was necessary to protect the health of the UC Davis community. When tragedy strikes, people naturally want to pull together and find ways to help those affected. We understand that many of you may be fielding questions from staff, faculty, alumni and donors about how they can help the victims of the wildfires. Depending on individual interests, we recommend supporting the following funds:

At the core of our mission as a land-grant university is the need to be of service. It’s one of the values we want to instill in our students and you can see it reflected throughout the college in activities that take place outside the classroom. Here in the dean’s office the Undergraduate Academic Programs team organizes opportunities to volunteer through service work. For instance, on November 3, a group of 15 students volunteered at Soil Born Farms, an urban agriculture and education project in the Sacramento area. Our students planted garlic and weeded plots while learning about sustainable vegetable and fruit production.

The next volunteer opportunity is in the afternoon of December 1 as students will join in the Food Recovery Network at the Davis Farmer’s Market. They will be gathering leftover produce for distribution to Solano Park Apartments, a campus-run apartment complex for full-time students with children. We organize and promote these events throughout the academic year because we recognize how these experiences provide students an opportunity to give back to society. We take seriously our college’s mission to engage with our communities in meaningful ways and contribute to a better world for everyone.