Amy McLean

Amy McLean

Position Title
Assistant Professor

  • Animal Science


Discriminant canonical analysis of the contribution of Spanish and Arabian purebred horses to the genetic diversity and population structure of Hispano-Arabian horses
CM Navas, JVD Bermejo, AK McLean, JML Jurado, FJN González
Animals: an Open Access Journal from MDPI 11 (2), 2021

Can scientists influence donkey welfare? Historical perspective and a contemporary view
AK McLean, FJN Gonzalez
Journal of Equine Veterinary Science 65, 25-32, 2018

Effect of farming system on donkey milk composition
E Valle, L Pozzo, M Giribaldi, D Bergero, MS Gennero, D Dezzutto, ...
Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 98 (7), 2801-2808, 2018

Improving working donkey (Equus asinus) welfare and management in Mali, West Africa
AK McLean, CR Heleski, MT Yokoyama, W Wang, A Doumbia, ...
Journal of Veterinary Behavior 7 (3), 123-134, 2012

Reference intervals for hematological and blood biochemistry reference values in healthy mules and hinnies
AK McLean, W Wang, FJ Navas-Gonzalez, JB Rodrigues
Comparative Clinical Pathology 25, 871-878, 2016