Dan Kliebenstein

Dan Kliebenstein

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  • Plant Sciences


Genetic control of natural variation in Arabidopsis glucosinolate accumulation
DJ Kliebenstein, J Kroymann, P Brown, A Figuth, D Pedersen, ...
Plant physiology 126 (2), 811-825, 2001

Superoxide dismutase in Arabidopsis: an eclectic enzyme family with disparate regulation and protein localization
DJ Kliebenstein, RA Monde, RL Last
Plant physiology 118 (2), 637-650, 1998

Disarming the mustard oil bomb
A Ratzka, H Vogel, DJ Kliebenstein, T Mitchell-Olds, J Kroymann
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 99 (17), 11223-11228, 2002

A UV-B-specific signaling component orchestrates plant UV protection
BA Brown, C Cloix, GH Jiang, E Kaiserli, P Herzyk, DJ Kliebenstein, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 102 (50), 18225-18230, 2005

The Arabidopsis Epithiospecifier Protein Promotes the Hydrolysis of Glucosinolates to Nitriles and Influences Trichoplusia ni Herbivory
V Lambrix, M Reichelt, T Mitchell-Olds, DJ Kliebenstein, J Gershenzon
The Plant Cell 13 (12), 2793-2807, 2001