Frances Moore

Fran Moore

Position Title
Associate Professor

  • Environmental Science and Policy


Temperature impacts on economic growth warrant stringent mitigation policy
FC Moore, DB Diaz
Nature Climate Change 5 (2), 127-131, 2015

Contribution of anthropology to the study of climate change
J Barnes, M Dove, M Lahsen, A Mathews, P McElwee, R McIntosh, ...
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Quantifying the economic risks of climate change
D Diaz, F Moore
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Comprehensive evidence implies a higher social cost of CO2
K Rennert, F Errickson, BC Prest, L Rennels, RG Newell, W Pizer, ...
Nature 610 (7933), 687-692, 2022

Adaptation potential of European agriculture in response to climate change
FC Moore, D Lobell
Nature Climate Change, 2014