Ioannis Stergiopoulos

Ioannis Stergiopoulos

Position Title
Associate Professor

  • Plant Pathology


Fungal effector proteins
I Stergiopoulos, PJGM de Wit
Annual review of phytopathology 47, 233-263, 2009

Finished Genome of the Fungal Wheat Pathogen Mycosphaerella graminicola Reveals Dispensome Structure, Chromosome Plasticity, and Stealth Pathogenesis
SB Goodwin, S Ben M'Barek, B Dhillon, AHJ Wittenberg, CF Crane, ...
PLoS genetics 7 (6), e1002070, 2011

Plant-pathogen effectors: cellular probes interfering with plant defenses in spatial and temporal manners
TY Toruño, I Stergiopoulos, G Coaker
Annual review of phytopathology 54, 419-441, 2016

Fungal effector proteins: past, present and future
PJGM De Wit, R Mehrabi, HA Van den Burg, I Stergiopoulos
Molecular plant pathology 10 (6), 735-747, 2009

The novel Cladosporium fulvum lysin motif effector Ecp6 is a virulence factor with orthologues in other fungal species
MD Bolton, HP Van Esse, JH Vossen, R De Jonge, I Stergiopoulos, ...
Molecular microbiology 69 (1), 119-136, 2008