Aggie Basics for Freshman, Step 2

Lecturer Debbie Fetter teaches her class on diet during Nutrition 10.

Building Your Fall Schedule

We understand it can be a challenge to develop your first quarter schedule. To help guide you through the process, the first quarter course recommendation tool may provide helpful tips and tricks when creating your very first schedule. 

You can also refer back and review these

Remember: everything counts! Whether it's for your major, General Education (GE), or units, every course you take in the fall will meet a requirement. A good quarterly schedule is comprised 15 units with a combination of major specific courses and General Education /elective courses.

  • Take one to two major courses. For your specific major requirements, you can check out your department’s website and talk more with your major advisor.
  • Take a writing course.
    •  If you haven't satisfied the Entry Level Writing Requirement (ELWR), it is very important to begin making progress towards satisfaction immediately and enroll register for the appropriate course.
    •  If you have met the ELWR, consider taking other courses in composition during your first year: Comparative Literature (COM) 1, 2, 3 or 4, English (ENL) 3, Native American Studies (NAS) 5, or University Writing Program (UWP) 1.
  • Enroll in a CDG course
  • Take a First-Year Seminar. These are small, innovative classes that reflect an instructor’s intellectual interests. Limited to 19 students each, these once-in-a-lifetime courses promote intellectual exchange, critical thinking, and community. These 1- or 2-unit courses can be a great way to round out your schedule.
  • Take a General Education or an elective course – the sky is the limit when it comes to explore courses in an area of particular interest to you.
  • Stay healthy and fit and take a Physical Education (PHE) course