Aggie Basics for Freshman, Step 3

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Registering For Classes

Now that you built your possible fall schedule(s) here are tips and steps for how to register for fall classes, during your registration period, August 3-10

You will register for your Fall quarter classes in August, after completing the Aggie 101 modules, attending a college specific webinar and meeting your major advisor. You will register on your own during your registration appointment time, also known as a Pass Time. This registration appointment is a pre-assigned time to enroll in courses and can be found on your ScheduleBuilder.

Your registration will go smoothly if you are well prepared.  Follow these steps to ensure a successful registration for fall classes.

For assistance using Schedule Builder, see the Help menu provided for basic user information or Contact an Expert

If you need additional help in choosing classes contact the CA&ES Dean’s Office . We will be able to help you in getting connected to your major advisor, who can best advise you on selecting courses used towards your major. Our office can also provide you with assistance in registering for any general education courses you may still need.

For our Undeclared/Exploratory students, please note, that while you are exploring majors, UAP advisors are considered your major advisors.

Course Registration Schedule

Visit the Office of the University Registrar’s Calendar for more information.