Animal Science Facilities

A student riding a horse in an arena.

Modern animal science facilities to boost student teaching and community outreach

The Overview

The UC Davis animal science program is number one in the world and the only program of its kind within the University of California system. Our renown faculty address issues related to animal agriculture, and their efforts span domestic and captive animals, including companion animals and the conservation of wild species. Our students are exposed to many animals and learning opportunities through a comprehensive teaching environment.

The Opportunity

A new animal facility would provide an innovative and supportive learning environment for students and a flexible research space to allow faculty to push the knowledge of animal behavior and health. A covered arena would provide a space for student groups to engage in club activities. It would also create opportunities for industry groups such as 4H and FFA to conduct outreach and education while enjoying the benefits of the UC Davis campus.

The Vision: An Agricultural Pavilion

UC Davis was founded with the goal of keeping California agriculture vibrant through hands-on learning. We can make significant impact in the field of animal science with upgraded and technologically advanced facilities that reflect our commitment to animal science teaching, research and outreach. A prominent campus location has been identified that would vividly demonstrate our commitment to animal science.

The Philanthropic Opportunity

  • Design and build a modern agricultural pavilion on campus that will provide a large covered arena, classrooms and technologically advanced teaching labs to bridge education with community outreach.
  • Support learning for undergraduate, graduate and veterinary students in the fields of husbandry, reproduction, nutrition and animal care.
  • Provide an improved site for events such as the annual College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Field Day—which brings 3,500 FFA and 4-H students to campus, Horse Day, Goat Day—and student clubs like the Draft Horse and Driving Club and the nation’s finest mule packing team.
  • • Provide a modern research and development site to keep industry apprised of evolving best practices in horse breeding, hoof management, nutrition and other important topics.

UC Davis is committed to providing faculty and students with the finest advanced facilities to interact with a variety of animals within an enriched learning environment.