Agroecology Farm Lab

Agroecology Farm Lab—keeping agriculture resilient in a changing world The Challenge

Agriculture has been extraordinarily successful at increasing food production over the past several generations, which is critical as society works to feed a growing population. The challenge is maintaining agricultural productivity on farmland while simultaneously increasing biodiversity, enhancing carbon sequestration, managing nutrients and adopting strategies that protect agriculture and the environment in our changing world.

Animal Science Facilities

Modern animal science facilities to boost student teaching and community outreach The Challenge

The UC Davis animal science program is number one in the world and the only program of its kind within the University of California system. Our renown faculty address issues related to animal agriculture, and their efforts span domestic and captive animals, including companion animals and the conservation of wild species. Our students are exposed to many animals and learning opportunities through a comprehensive teaching environment.

Faculty Innovation Fund

Faculty Innovation Fund helps meet 21st Century challenges The Challenge

The College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences empowers its diverse faculty and staff to innovate, discover and push the frontiers of knowledge to address critical research and education needs, inspire students and alumni, and improve our communities. Our faculty are recruited from throughout the world and collaborate with colleagues across multiple disciplines to solve some of society’s biggest challenges.

Food Loss and Waste Collaborative

Reducing food loss and waste through research and innovation The Challenge

Food production is one of the most important industries in our world. Every human on the planet depends upon it, yet a third of what we produce never reaches the table. This works out to roughly 1.3 billion tons of food loss annually, worth nearly $1 trillion at retail prices. Worldwide food demand is expected to increase 60 percent by 2050 to feed an estimated 9.1 billion people.

RMI Expansion

Winery expansion will take viticulture and enology to the next level The Challenge

For decades, UC Davis has brought breakthroughs and innovation to California’s world-class wine industry with cutting-edge research, teaching and outreach. We are uniquely positioned to pioneer new advances in grape growing, control of plant pathogens, water capture and reuse, carbon dioxide capture, alternative energy sources and wine making technologies.

Sustainable Living and Learning Community

The sustainable living and learning community grows student leaders The Challenge

Food, water, energy and the built environment are intertwined with nearly every grand challenge facing society. Meeting these challenges requires the collaborative and interdisciplinary leadership for which UC Davis is world-renowned. UC Davis creates a unique, immersive environment where learning is experienced at a deeper level and a pipeline is built for the next generation of talented local and global problem solvers.