The farm outside the Sustainable Living and Learning Community.

Sustainable Living and Learning Community

The sustainable living and learning community grows student leaders

The Challenge

Food, water, energy and the built environment are intertwined with nearly every grand challenge facing society. Meeting these challenges requires the collaborative and interdisciplinary leadership for which UC Davis is world-renowned. UC Davis creates a unique, immersive environment where learning is experienced at a deeper level and a pipeline is built for the next generation of talented local and global problem solvers.

The Solution

We envision a new campus district where students can cultivate a deep commitment to sustainable practices, learn how to engage with diverse stakeholders and hone a robust toolset of leadership and interpersonal skills. This new campus district will be known as the Sustainable Living and Learning Community (SLLC). Students will live, work and participate in project-based learning that is focused on integrating food production with recycling systems and residential spaces. This special community will create an environment where students from multiple disciplines and degree programs develop leadership skills to build a more sustainable world. At the heart of this new student community is the Student Farm, an iconic campus treasure with a 40-year legacy of providing mentoring and hands-on, practical learning opportunities in sustainable food production.

The Philanthropic Opportunity

UC Davis is committed to spearheading this new model for learning through the lens of sustainable living. We seek philanthropic partners who share our vision and understand how our farms and gardens provide an excellent environment where students can learn to create sustainable environments for themselves and make a positive difference in today’s world.

Here are three ways your gift can make an impact on students:

  • Provide start-up funding to upgrade existing physical assets and build new ones, including modern produce packing facilities, greenhouses, outdoor meeting and teaching spaces for the community and broader public, and a certified kitchen
  • Offer support funds in the form of fellowships or employment for undergraduate and graduate students working in these programs to give all qualified and dedicated students the opportunity to participate
  • Provide funds for staff mentors to guide field learning experiences and expand experiential learning opportunities in all SLLC programs

UC Davis is committed to pioneering a new model for project-based learning through sustainable living.


Looking for more information?

Please contact Melissa Haworth at (530) 979-1440 or to learn more about this college priority.