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Tips for Building a Balanced Schedule

  • Make sure you've reviewed the AP or IB exam charts. You want to avoid registering for a course that you won't receive credit for.
  • If you have not satisfied ELWR, do not register for a course that carries GE Writing Experience (WE) attribute.
  • Build multiple fall schedules as a back-up plan in case you don’t t get your first-choice schedule during your registration time.
  • Almost all majors offer introductory level courses recommended for students in their first quarter, these courses are numbered 001, 005, 010 (for example ESP 001, NAS 001, MUS 010 etc).
  • If possible, avoid enrolling In these classes during your first quarter at UCD, as they are more suitable for your sophomore year: ECN 01A/01B, BIS 02A/B/C, VEN 003, FST 003,  
  •  Enroll in Lower Division courses (numbered 1 - 99) only, during your first year at UCD.
  •  Enroll in no more than two major courses (science courses) and complement the rest of units with GE/electives
  • Enroll in no more than two writing intensive courses (denoted with WE). These courses usually require lots of reading and heavy writing assignments .
  • Be mindful of not overloading on units.  Remember, instructors will expect you to spend two-three hours in out-of-class preparation for every hour that you spend in class. Taking 15 units per quarter is a full-time job (15-unit course load implies 45 hours of work on your part every week (15 hours in class and 30 hours outside of class). You should consider this workload as you plan your first quarter.


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