Resources for Host Organizations

Host Institutions

GFAD hosts may be any type of international organization: private institution/company, governmental institution and agencies, NGO, university, international research institute, or public international organization that is seeking expertise in agriculture, food systems, or related social and environmental issues. Project implementation locations are in developing countries worldwide, with some restrictions on very high and high-risk locations. All projects are open to all 50,000 + graduate students in the University of California system.

Hosting of a GFAD Fellow entails supporting them in their  overseas project or research opportunities with a UC-affiliated faculty supervisor. These opportunities may be well-defined, or they may identify a broadly defined need within the organization from which the fellow, faculty, and the organization could jointly develop a project plan. Projects should address a specific challenge in the agriculture or food systems sector. Fellowships frequently contribute to students’ master or doctoral work. Basic internships where the student works broadly within an organization are not appropriate for GFAD Fellowships.