Hong Dao, CA&ES academic advisor (left), works with Katherine Parpana in the CA&ES advising office.
Hong Dao, CA&ES academic advisor (left), works with Katherine Parpana in the CA&ES advising office.

Honoring diversity achievements

Katherine Parpana, a CA&ES academic counselor, receives a 2017 diversity award from the chancellor.

Katherine Parpana, an academic counselor in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, is among the recipients of the 2017 Chancellor’s Achievement Awards for Diversity and Community.

The awards honor achievements by faculty, staff, students, and local citizens who contribute to the development and well-being of UC Davis’ diverse and evolving community.

“Katherine is a true model of what a leader committed to diversity should look like,” said Anya Gibson, the Economics Department undergraduate programs supervisor who nominated Parpana for the award. “Her service shows her commitment to engage in cross-department collaboration and her commitment to the retention of underrepresented populations on this campus. She is a critical factor in furthering diversity, diversity education, and supporting undergraduate students at UC Davis.”

Parpana has served a number of underrepresented campus communities, including Asian Pacific Islanders. She has served as the academic adviser for the Filipinx community since 2013 and also has worked in advising capacities with all six campus-recognized Filipinx organizations.

She has mentored many Asian Pacific Islander students, including those from the Hmong community, and has supported them even after graduation. “She is a vital resource for them and plays a critical part in their success and retention at UC Davis,” Gibson added.

Parpana has served the broader international student population through programs in the Cross Cultural Center and Services for International Students and Scholars.  She is co-chair of the Developing Deeper Advising Relationships series and through her involvement assisted in the creation of a professional development program emphasizing holistic advising practices that are culturally humble, relevant, and inclusive. She has presented the program’s curriculum to conferences locally and nationally. She also co-chairs a social justice advising committee.


Katherine Parpana

Katherine Parpana

In addition to Parpana, several other individuals and programs were named for their exemplary service that embodies the Principles of Community through outstanding leadership in areas of social and/or cultural understanding, local or regional community involvement, and/or collaborations leading to increased knowledge or expertise. Read more about them here. All award recipients are to be honored at the Chancellor’s residence on February 15.

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