A student carrying vegetables harvested at the Student Farm.

Brand Guide

CA&ES has several tools and templates that are college specific.


Primary Palette

The University of California’s blue and gold were chosen in 1873, with blue for the California sky and gold for the state’s designation as the Golden State. Our blue and gold are unique within the system and represent us as Aggies at the very highest level.

primary palette

Aggie Blue

PMS Custom color in development
CMYK: 100/56/0/34
HTML: #022851
RGB: 2/40/81
hsla(211, 95%, 16%, 1)

Aggie Gold

PMS 110 C
CMYK: 0/19/100/15
RGB: 255/191/0
hsla(45, 100%, 50%, 1)


Secondary Palette

Along with our distinctive Aggie Blue and Gold, our primary palette is complemented with a robust set of secondary colors. Our secondary palette represents the vibrancy of UC Davis College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences and the comprehensive reach of our college. These colors can be used in a variety of ways, but they should never be used for the UC Davis logo or identity.

Secondary Palette
  • Poppy

    PMS 144 C
    CMYK: 0/50/100/0
    HTML: #F18A00
    RGB: 241/138/0
    hsla(34, 100%, 47%, 1)

  • Farmer's Market

    PMS 358 C
    CMYK: 32/0/51/0
    HTML: #AADA91
    RGB: 170/218/145
    hsla(99, 50%, 71%, 1)

  • Redwood

    PMS 7734 C
    CMYK: 77/0/82/65
    HTML: #266041
    RGB: 38/96/65
    hsla(148, 43%, 26%, 1)

  • Tahoe

    PMS 306
    CMYK: 75/0/5/0
    HTML: #00B2E3
    RGB: 0/191/226
    hsla(193, 100%, 45%, 1)

  • Pinot

    PMS 255 C
    CMYK: 53/96/10/24
    HTML: #76236C
    RGB: 118/35/108
    hsla(307, 54%, 30%, 1)

  • California

    PMS 7567 C
    CMYK: 10/66/98/57
    HTML: #8A532F
    RGB: 138/83/47
    hsla(24, 49%, 36%, 1)



Our fonts are Proxima NovaRyman Eco and Freight Text Pro. Used together, these typefaces help create a clear hierarchy and keep our content legible and engaging.

Proxima Nova written in Proxima Nova

Proxima Nova is our sans-serif face and the workhorse of our typography collection. Pragmatic, friendly and versatile, Proxima Nova is suited for all applications. Bold, extra bold and black weights work best in headlines, while middle weights are better for body copy and captions.

Freight Text written in Freight Text

The Freight Text Pro family contains our secondary serif faces. When a serif typeface is desired for longer-form copy and smaller captions, Ryman Eco won’t be very legible. Freight’s angles and curves make for a dynamic, modern font that balances well with Proxima Nova.

Ryman Eco written in Ryman Eco

Ryman Eco is a beautiful, eco-friendly display font that uses 30% less ink than similarly weighted fonts. Because of the complexity of its design, Ryman is best used at display sizes. As size is relative to viewing distance and application, there are no universal recommended sizes. Ensure that the linework within the structure of the letterforms is clearly visible. Ryman Eco is not recommended for body copy or long running text.

Learn how to download the fonts

Type Treatments

Below are samples of type treatments based upon the styles used in the new brand.

Different samples of design elements with dummy text.


Design Elements



Our custom illustrations are highly ownable parts of the master brand. These elements should be used sparingly for greatest impact and to bring life to marketing pieces. Below are four examples of illustrations that represent the UC Davis College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.

Illustrations from Steven Noble, is a world-renowned artist whose distinctive work can be found on food products, books, credit cards and more.


Download the illustrations



Simple icons can draw attention to information and break up content. They support copy and illuminate information and stats. They should only support the content, so avoid overusing them. The UC Davis College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences will use the icons as solid fill.

The icon styles shown here are available for use. FontAwesome.com is our resource for icon sets with a consistent look and feel.

Filled in icons of a tree, sun, play button, plant, fish, goblet and mortar board


Download the icons

Design Samples


A flier showing the new branding in action to promote the Aggie Jumpstart Program.
The cover of the 2021 Majors and Minors brochure.