Name Recording Tool

A new audio tool is available to faculty that allows people to record their name so that it appears on their profile page in the CA&ES online directory.

Faculty, staff and students come to UC Davis from across the world and properly pronouncing names is a courtesy that should be available to all. While recording your name is entirely voluntary, this tool offers a simple way to support an inclusive environment.

Name recordings are only available for CA&ES faculty at this time, but we hope to create opportunities to expand access to the greater community at a later date.

Check out this example found under the Name Pronunciation header.

Adding name pronunciation to profile pages

  1. Log into the college pronunciation page at with your username and Kerberos passphrase.
  2. Click Manage Pronunciation.
  3. Click Record. The audio setup – computer microphone, ear buds, etc -- you use for Zoom calls or online conferences will work with this recording tool.
  4. Say your name slowly and clearly. 
  5. Click Stop Recording. 
  6. Review your recording for clarity. If you aren’t satisfied, click Remove and record your name again.
  7. Once you are satisfied with your recording, click Save and Sync. 
  8. Click Log Out.
Note: It could take an hour for your recording to appear.