2002 Award of Distinction Recipients

Patricia J. Bailey

(B.A., '77, English)
Davis, California

Pat Bailey is a science writer in the UC Davis News Service where she works as a senior public information representative covering news about the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences and School of Veterinary Medicine. She has generated extensive media coverage of faculty research and campus activities - the kind that proves invaluable in the higher education marketplace. In 1983, she joined what was then UC Davis' Public Affairs office. In 2000, she received the Award of Distinction from the Council for the Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) for biotechnology communications. In 2001, she was chosen for CASE's Silver Medal for her role in the campus crisis management of the Baja boat tragedy.


Willard G. Clark

(B.S., '53, Animal Science)
Hanford, California

Bill Clark has shown extraordinary leadership in the international dairy industry for over 30 years. He grew up on a family ranch in Hanford, California, where his ancestors were crop and cattle farmers. Bill's contributions include innovations in bovine genetics breeding and production. In 1971, he launched his own animal genetics company, World-Wide Sires, which is today the world's leading cattle genetics marketing firm. He has pioneered international dairy trading and fostered strong relationships with countries around the world, especially Japan. In 1991, Bill was awarded Japan's Medal of Distinction. In 1984, he was named the Dairy Industry Person of the Year.


Ann Marie Kennedy

(M.S., '99, International Agricultural Development; '00, Vocational Education Credential in Agriculture)
Sacramento, California

Ann Marie Kennedy is a science teacher at Grant Union High School in Sacramento. There she started something very unique - the Garden of Ethnic American Treasures - and supervises the 45 students who tend this living laboratory during an after-school class. The youth earn school credits and cash, learn about the science of plants and soils, and gain work experience by running a small florist business. The proceeds go to a college scholarship fund for the students. Anne Marie has looked to nature to provide her students with science education, money to help pay for college and preparation for their futures. She participates in the FARMS Leadership Program and was named Grant High School Teacher of the Year in 2001.


Robert C. Laben

Davis, California

Bob Laben is a professor emeritus in the Department of Animal Science at UC Davis. His "open door" style with students earned him wide respect throughout his 36 years of service as a faculty member. His career research focused on cattle breeding, mastitis, milk composition, inbreeding and limiting DDT in dairy herds. He was involved in the Western Regional Dairy Cattle Breeding Project and the California Dairy Cattle Research Project. He served for 15 years as a master adviser in the animal science department, and in 1983 was chosen as UC Davis' Outstanding Undergraduate Adviser. He established the Robert and Dorothy Laben scholarship, which is available to undergraduates in an animal science major.


Paul E. Martin

(B.S., '65, Agricultural Economics)
Petaluma, California

Paul Martin understands the importance of ranchers and environmentalists working together to find common ground. Currently the environmental services coordinator for Western United Dairymen, Paul has provided environmental leadership to the dairy industry for more than 30 years from his dairy farm in Petaluma. He has worked on the California Dairy Quality Assurance Program and development of California's Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan. Paul has been active in the Dairy Herd Builder program at UC Davis and helped establish the Shrimp Project and the Students and Teachers Restoring a Watershed Project in the Petaluma area.


H.M. "Tim" Metcalf

(M.S., '80, Horticulture)
Woodland, California

Tim Metcalf is curator of the UC Davis Botanical Conservatory, considered one of the most extensive collections of its kind in the UC system. Through research, teaching and outreach, Tim has spotlighted the conservatory in creative and imaginative ways that make it fun to learn about the facility's 2,500 plants and flora. He has cared for plants from around the world, from South American rainforests to African deserts. The Botanical Conservatory has become a major Picnic Day attraction. Tim leads conservatory tours for high school students, garden groups, alumni and others. In 1991, he was awarded the UC Davis Administrative and Professional Staff Certificate of Achievement for Outstanding Performance.


Warren G. Roberts

(B.S., '64, Individual Major; M.S., '69, Horticulture)
Davis, California

Warren Roberts, superintendent of the UC Davis Arboretum, comes from a long line of Kern County cattle ranchers and says he inherited some of his plant know-how from a Gold Rush-era great-grandmother well respected for her knowledge of herbs. Warren is a "stickler for using the right names for plants." He takes pride in being on the nomenclature committee for the American Association of Botanical Gardens and Arboreta, as well as being the botanical editor for the International Plant Propagators' Society. Warren spent time in Peru as a Peace Corps volunteer. He joined UC Davis as arboretum superintendent in 1972 and is renowned for his frequent and highly popular and informative tours, known as "Walks with Warren."


Joseph E. Sabol

(M.Ed., '65, Agricultural Education)
San Luis Obispo, California

Joe Sabol taught agriculture at California State Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo, serving along the way as the dean of the College of Agriculture and director of outreach. He was instrumental in establishing a nationwide agricultural ambassador program that has generated student interest in agriculture on many campuses. He also developed the National Agricultural Ambassadors Conference that annually brings together hundreds of students from 45 universities in 20 states to learn more about their chosen fields. Joe has helped build international agricultural education programs in Mexico, Nigeria and Costa Rica, and has delivered talks in Australia, New Zealand and England.


Charles J. Soderquist

(M.S., '73; Ph.D., '75, Agricultural Chemistry)
Sacramento, California

Charley Soderquist, long-time volunteer and philanthropist, serves as chair of the UC Davis Foundation bridging the gap between the private sector and the academic community. He is a consultant and president of the Technology Development Center, a firm that assists start-up companies in Sacramento, and is former chair of the UC Davis CONNECT Program, which links entrepreneurs with the UC system. Charley was an adjunct professor for the UC Davis Graduate School of Management, a UC Board of Regents member, and president of the UC Davis Alumni Association. He served as trustee for the California Historical Society and director of both Valley Vision and KVIE-Channel 6.