What We Do

Group of people working on a project together.

The UC Davis College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Office of Global Engagement shares agricultural knowledge and information with the world. We conduct training and workshops, facilitate research & extension projects, advise on curriculum development, sponsor global programs, offer educational opportunities, and build capacities.

Visitors' Programs

Global Engagement has facilitated over 12,000 person-days of training for people from more than 40 countries. Along with conducting trainings and workshops, Global Engagement participates in and implements short term fellowship programs, study tours,  and faculty exchanges.  For an updated list of our capacity-building activities, visit our Completed Visitors Programs page.

  • USDA Cochran Fellowship Training Program, which in 2019 included a Smallholder Poultry Development training with fellows from Moldova.
  • CA&ES at UC Davis is collaborating with Weifang Sino-US Food and Agriculture Innovation Center, China on training and workshops to train agro-business managers and CEOs directly involved with ag industry or production on food safety and good agricultural practices as well as seed technologies.
  • Kenya: A 3-member delegation from the Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Services (KEPHIS) participated in a two-week training/study tour during July-August 2020 on exposure to seed variety characterization, certification and seed testing.
  • Iwate:  For the past 30+ years, students from Iwate Agricultural Junior College of Japan visit UC Davis for a week-long technical field program. For more information, please visit our "Study Tours" page. 
  • China Agricultural University: In September 2018, China Ag University sponsored a delegation of 18 undergraduate students and 2 professors to travel to UC Davis and undertake a summer short-term exchange study tour on agricultural green development and sustainable agriculture.  For more information, please visit our "Study Tours" page. 

Facilitating Research 

Global Engagement works with campus faculty, researchers and other technical experts in developing projects that address the challenges of agriculture, food security, climate resilience and other associated focal areas in both domestic and global setting.  We offer grant writing services and project management support of international projects.

Capacity Building

We build institutional extension capacity through a multitude of programs. Global Engagement plays a special role by helping build bridges between potentially useful university research and those who can benefit in resource-poor and developing countries. Please visit our Projects page for more information. 

  • Global Engagement is a  key partner in the Food for Progress project rebuilding the National extension capacity in Guatemala.
  • Global Engagement represents UC Davis in the Land Grant University Consortium Colombia, a group of nine US land grant universities advancing Colombia’s peace building efforts through collaborations that enhance rural and agricultural development.
  • A key partner for the Modernizing Extension and Advisory Services (MEAS) and subsequently became a key collaborator in the on prioritizing Nutrition-Sensitive & Gender-Responsive Ag Extension - under the primary program on Integrating Gender & Nutrition within Agricultural Extension Services (INGENAES), both of these activities were  led by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
  • Managed the US-Pakistan Center for Advanced Studies in Agriculture & Food Security (USPCAS-AFS) and helped develop new degree programs in four areas of industry-relevant and practice-oriented curriculum as well as built capacity in the area of applied research in both grantsmanship and research skills.
  • Managed and implemented the Afghanistan Agricultural Extension Program (AAEP) funded by USDA-NIFA (Phase 1) and USAID (Phase II).
  • Developed and implemented a program with USDA/FAS on e-Aghan Agriculture to improve publicly accessible Afghanistan Agriculture Knowledge Resource online for users working in Afghanistan and those being deployed for service.
  • Global Engagement was a key partner to Cornell University on a project that developed an on-line system to provide credible, relevant demand-driven information to help national extension partners better deliver information to apple farmers in target areas in China, specifically Shandong and Shaanxi provinces.  The project on Training Smallholder Farmers in China for Sustainable Production and Domestic Market Access (Phase II) was funded by Walmart Foundation thru Cornell University.

Monitoring and Evaluation

We conduct strategic program evaluation for our own projects as well as serve as evaluation consultants for USDA and USAID funded international projects. We consider monitoring and evaluation as an essential component to building successful, sustainable development projects. 

Educational Opportunities

We manage and support graduate students pursuing international research and project management in agricultural development.

  • The Global Fellowships for Agricultural Development (GFAD) funds UC graduate students for 2-6 months of international research that addresses global challenges in food systems and agriculture.
  • UC Davis worked as one of the partners for the USAID-funded Agricultural Innovation Program (AIP) in Pakistan, which was an initiative on Promoting Science and Innovation in Agriculture in Pakistan (PSIAP).