Alan Bennett

Alan Bennett

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Plant Sciences



A modified hot borate method significantly enhances the yield of high-quality RNA from cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.)
CY Wan, TA Wilkins
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Expression of a chimeric polygalacturonase gene in transgenic rin (ripening inhibitor) tomato fruit results in polyuronide degradation but not fruit softening.
JJ Giovannoni, D DellaPenna, AB Bennett, RL Fischer
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Cooperative disassembly of the cellulose–xyloglucan network of plant cell walls: parallels between cell expansion and fruit ripening
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Modification of expansin protein abundance in tomato fruit alters softening and cell wall polymer metabolism during ripening
DA Brummell, MH Harpster, PM Civello, JM Palys, AB Bennett, ...
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