Anne Todgham

Anne Todgham

Position Title
Assistant Professor

Animal Science


Todgham, an assistant professor in the Department of Animal Science, specializes in environmental stress physiology of animals. Todgham completed her Ph.D. in animal science and zoology at the University of British Columbia, Canada, and was a postdoctoral fellow at UC Santa Barbara. She was on the faculty at San Francisco State University before joining UC Davis in 2013.

Research interests:

Fish and aquatic ecosystems, climate change biology, environmental, ecological and conservation physiology, integrative stress biology, aquaculture.

Brief overview:

Aquatic animals face increasing environmental stress as global climate change alters ocean and freshwater environments at unprecedented rates.

My research seeks to understand the impacts of climate change stressors on the physiological performance of aquatic organisms in their natural environments. I focus on environmental stress physiology in a variety of aquatic species, including fishes, crabs, snails, and oysters. I examine aquatic species from numerous ecosystems — from polar to temperate and from freshwater to marine — and across multiple developmental stages — from embryos to adults.

It is already evident that the environmental effects of climate change are affecting aquaculture and the production of seafood. Aquaculture today supplies more than half of the world’s total seafood production and is expected to grow to supply two-thirds of global seafood by the year 2030. Much of the growth in aquaculture has and will continue to come from intensification of production systems, which may increase the strains placed on farmed fish. By better understanding the vulnerability of aquatic animals to environmental change, we can help evaluate the impact of intensified aquaculture practices on production.

Current projects:

  • Molecular, biochemical, and physiological response of aquatic organisms to multiple stressors
  • Vulnerability of Antarctic fishes to climate change
  • Stress physiology of sturgeon
  • Role of stochastic environmental signals in modulating the stress physiology of animals