Bruce Linquist

Bruce Linquist

Position Title
Assistant Cooperative Extension Specialist

Plant Sciences


Linquist, an assistant Cooperative Extension specialist in the Department of Plant Sciences, specializes in rice systems. Linquist completed his Ph.D. in agricultural ecology at UC Davis. He worked for eight years with the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) in Laos before returning to UC Davis as a researcher in 2005. Linquist was named a campus rice specialist in 2013.

Research interests:

Sustainable management of rice systems: fertility management, nutrient and carbon cycling, water use, water quality, greenhouse gas emissions

Brief overview:

Rice is the second most important field crop in California and a major crop in the Sacramento Valley. Partnering with other scientists, farm advisors and farmers, I address issues that help ensure the sustainability of rice systems.

My research areas are broad and include developing efficient nutrient management practices that maintain or increase yields with limited nutrient loss to the environment, devising crop development models, reducing water use, ensuring quality of water leaving rice fields, evaluating heavy metals (arsenic and methyl mercury), and quantifying greenhouse gas emissions from rice fields (methane being of particular concern).

Current projects:

  • Developing and refining nutrient management strategies for rice systems—focusing on nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium
  • Devising a crop development model for California rice varieties that predicts major stages of crop development based on degree-day accumulation and photoperiod sensitivity
  • Yield-gap assessment of U.S. rice systems
  • Quantifying greenhouse gas emissions from California rice systems and evaluating practices to reduce emissions
  • Evaluating the potential of rice in the Sacramento Delta region to reduce subsidence of high organic matter soils
  • Evaluation of heavy metals