Gang Sun

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Biological and Agricultural Engineering



Electrospun nanomaterials for ultrasensitive sensors
B Ding, M Wang, X Wang, J Yu, G Sun
Materials today 13 (11), 16-27, 2010

A novel high flux poly (trimethylene terephthalate) nanofiber membrane for microfiltration media
M Li, D Wang, R Xiao, G Sun, Q Zhao, H Li
Separation and Purification Technology 116, 199-205, 2013

Superelastic and superhydrophobic nanofiber-assembled cellular aerogels for effective separation of oil/water emulsions
Y Si, Q Fu, X Wang, J Zhu, J Yu, G Sun, B Ding
ACS nano 9 (4), 3791-3799, 2015

Gas sensors based on electrospun nanofibers
B Ding, M Wang, J Yu, G Sun
Sensors 9 (3), 1609-1624, 2009

Electro-spinning/netting: A strategy for the fabrication of three-dimensional polymer nano-fiber/nets
X Wang, B Ding, G Sun, M Wang, J Yu
Progress in Materials Science 58 (8), 1173-1243, 2013