Gerardo Mackenzie

Gerardo Mackenzie

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Associate Professor




Epicatechin, catechin, and dimeric procyanidins inhibit PMA‐induced NF‐κB activation at multiple steps in Jurkat T cells
GG Mackenzie, F Carrasquedo, JM Delfino, CL Keen, CG Fraga, PI Oteiza
The FASEB journal 18 (1), 167-169, 2004

Curcumin induces cell‐arrest and apoptosis in association with the inhibition of constitutively active NF‐κB and STAT3 pathways in Hodgkin's lymphoma cells
GG Mackenzie, N Queisser, ML Wolfson, CG Fraga, AM Adamo, PI Oteiza
International journal of cancer 123 (1), 56-65, 2008

Zinc, oxidant-triggered cell signaling, and human health
PI Oteiza, GG Mackenzie
Molecular aspects of medicine 26 (4-5), 245-255, 2005

Metals in neurodegeneration: involvement of oxidants and oxidant-sensitive transcription factors
PI Oteiza, GG Mackenzie, SV Verstraeten
Molecular aspects of medicine 25 (1-2), 103-115, 2004

Low intracellular zinc impairs the translocation of activated NF-κB to the nuclei in human neuroblastoma IMR-32 cells
GG Mackenzie, MP Zago, CL Keen, PI Oteiza
Journal of Biological Chemistry 277 (37), 34610-34617, 2002