Jason Bond

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Entomology and Nematology



Identification, classification, and partial characterization of genes in humans and other vertebrates homologous to a fish membrane progestin receptor
Y Zhu, J Bond, P Thomas
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 100 (5), 2237-2242, 2003

The spider tree of life: phylogeny of Araneae based on target‐gene analyses from an extensive taxon sampling
WC Wheeler, JA Coddington, LM Crowley, D Dimitrov, PA Goloboff, ...
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Current status of the myriapod class Diplopoda (millipedes): taxonomic diversity and phylogeny
P Sierwald, JE Bond
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Deep molecular divergence in the absence of morphological and ecological change in the Californian coastal dune endemic trapdoor spider Aptostichus simus
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An integrative method for delimiting cohesion species: finding the population-species interface in a group of Californian trapdoor spiders with extreme genetic divergence and …
JE Bond, AK Stockman
Systematic Biology 57 (4), 628-646, 2008