Jennifer Falbe

Jennifer Falbe

Position Title
Assistant Professor

Human Ecology


Falbe, an assistant professor in the Department of Human Ecology, focuses on nutrition and human development. Falbe completed her dual Doctor of Science degree in nutrition and epidemiology from Harvard University before joining UC Davis faculty in 2017.

Research interests:

Healthy retail, intervention research, media, nutrition, obesity, food policy, prevention research, school, sleep, culture/neighborhood/society

Brief overview:

I study programmatic, policy and environmental interventions that can prevent chronic disease and reduce health disparities across the lifespan. Specifically, my work focuses on evaluating the impact of soda taxes, healthy retail incentive programs and multi-sectoral interventions. Additionally, my work includes investigations of screen time in relation to adolescent diet, sleep and obesity; primary care nutrition and physical activity programs; and methods for characterizing school and child care policies and environments.

My research employs quantitative and qualitative methods, experimental and observational designs, and primary data collection in clinical and community settings such as in schools, child care centers and grocery stores.

Current projects:

  • Exploring the impact of municipal soda tax legislation on beverage consumption and prices in Northern California
  • Evaluating the impact of a city’s Healthy Retail Program on the availability, promotion and sales of tobacco and produce
  • Conducting a community-based participatory evaluation of the role of a local coalition in developing and implementing a city ordinance to promote healthy retail in “food swamps,” or communities flooded with highly processed, low-nutrient food