John Yoder

Position Title
Professor Emeritus

  • Plant Sciences


The evolution of parasitism in plants
JH Westwood, JI Yoder, MP Timko, CW Depamphilis
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Transformation systems for generating marker–free transgenic plants
JI Yoder, AP Goldsbrough
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Plant-plant communications: rhizosphere signaling between parasitic angiosperms and their hosts
EM Estabrook, JI Yoder
Plant Physiology 116 (1), 1-7, 1998

Simultaneous amplification of multiple DNA fragments by polymerase chain reaction in the analysis of transgenic plants and their progeny
MW Lassner, P Peterson, JI Yoder
Plant Molecular Biology Reporter 7, 116-128, 1989

Transposition mediated re–positioning and subsequent elimination of marker genes from transgenic tomato
AP Goldsbrough, CN Lastrella, JI Yoder
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