Matthew E Gilbert

Matthew E Gilbert

Position Title
Department Vice Chair

Plant Sciences



Decomposition in tropical forests: a pan‐tropical study of the effects of litter type, litter placement and mesofaunal exclusion across a precipitation gradient
JS Powers, RA Montgomery, EC Adair, FQ Brearley, SJ DeWalt, ...
Journal of Ecology 97 (4), 801-811, 2009

Independent variation in photosynthetic capacity and stomatal conductance leads to differences in intrinsic water use efficiency in 11 soybean genotypes before and during mild …
ME Gilbert, MA Zwieniecki, NM Holbrook
Journal of Experimental Botany 62 (8), 2875-2887, 2011

Drought constraints on C4 photosynthesis: stomatal and metabolic limitations in C3 and C4 subspecies of Alloteropsis semialata
BS Ripley, ME Gilbert, DG Ibrahim, CP Osborne
Journal of experimental botany 58 (6), 1351-1363, 2007

The role of bundle sheath extensions and life form in stomatal responses to leaf water status
TN Buckley, L Sack, ME Gilbert
Plant Physiology 156 (2), 962-973, 2011

Differences in drought sensitivities and photosynthetic limitations between co-occurring C3 and C4 (NADP-ME) Panicoid grasses
B Ripley, K Frole, M Gilbert
Annals of Botany 105 (3), 493-503, 2010