Moshe Rosenberg

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Food Science and Technology



Multi-messenger observations of a binary neutron star merger
BP Abbott, S Bloemen, P Canizares, H Falcke, RP Fender, S Ghosh, ...

Factors affecting retention in spray-drying microencapsulation of volatile materials
M Rosenberg, IJ Kopelman, Y Talmon
Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 38 (5), 1288-1294, 1990

Microencapsulating properties of whey proteins. 1. Microencapsulation of anhydrous milk fat
SL Young, X Sarda, M Rosenberg
Journal of Dairy Science 76 (10), 2868-2877, 1993

Microencapsulation by spray drying ethyl caprylate in whey protein and carbohydrate wall systems
TY Sheu, M Rosenberg
Journal of Food Science 60 (1), 98-103, 1995

A scanning electron microscopy study of microencapsulation
M Rosenberg, IJ Kopelman, Y TALMON
Journal of Food Science 50 (1), 139-144, 1985