Steven Nadler

Steven A. Nadler

Position Title

  • Entomology and Nematology


Disparate rates of molecular evolution in cospeciating hosts and parasites
MS Hafner, PD Sudman, FX Villablanca, TA Spradling, JW Demastes, ...
Science 265 (5175), 1087-1090, 1994

Molecular and morphological characterisation of two reproductively isolated species with mirror-image anatomy (Nematoda: Cephalobidae)
P De Ley, MA Felix, LM Frisse, SA Nadler, PW Sternberg, WK Thomas
Nematology 1 (6), 591-612, 1999

Phylogenetic trees support the coevolution of parasites and their hosts
MS Hafner, SA Nadler
Nature 332 (6161), 258-259, 1988

Phylogeny of the Ascaridoidea (Nematoda: Ascaridida) based on three genes and morphology: hypotheses of structural and sequence evolution
SA Nadler, DSS Hudspeth
Journal of Parasitology 86 (2), 380-393, 2000

Phylogeny of Steinernema Travassos, 1927 (Cephalobina: Steinernematidae) Inferred From Ribosomal DNA Sequences and Morphological Characters
S Patricia Stock, JF Campbell, SA Nadler
Journal of Parasitology 87 (4), 877-889, 2001