Yufang Jin

Yufang Jin

Position Title
Assistant Professor

Land, Air and Water Resources


Jin, an assistant professor in the Department of Land, Air and Water Resources, specializes in remote sensing and ecosystem change. Jin completed her Ph.D. in geography at Boston University and worked as a researcher at UC Irvine before joining the UC Davis faculty in 2014.

Research interests:

Remote sensing, ecosystem dynamics, precision agriculture, ecohydrology, wildland fire disturbances, climate and vegetation interactions, biogeochemical cycles, fire and vegetation management, and geographic information system (GIS).

Brief overview:

Human activities, climate change, and extreme weather events have transformed various ecosystems at an unprecedented pace during the 20th century. My research focuses on improving our ability to monitor and understand ecosystem dynamics on a landscape scale. This provides support for more effective resource management, mitigation, and adaptation decisions.

I am interested in how ecosystems respond to changing climate, fire disturbances, and management practices, and what the subsequent consequences are for energy, water, and carbon cycles. I primarily use remote sensing from satellites and airborne drones to monitor ecosystem dynamics, crop conditions and yields, and to study the associated drivers and feedbacks.

Big data is transforming the ways we explore rapidly changing ecosystems. By better monitoring and understanding ecological processes, we hope to provide advanced geospatial tools and deliver information for sustainable agriculture and natural resources.

Current projects:

  • An integrated multisource monitoring and assessment framework for plant-water stress detection and water-use estimate in California’s agricultural lands
  • Fires in Southern California: interactions between climate change, ecosystems, and humans
  • Quantifying changes in northern high latitude ecosystems and associated feedbacks to the climate system