Blum Center

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The UC Davis Blum Center was established by a multi-UC research grant in 2010 modeled after the successful UC Berkeley Blum Center. Since then, the UC Davis Blum Center has supported a total of 50 UC Davis-based projects abroad through our main grants. Our purpose as an on-campus research center is to promote a rigorous multi-disciplinary approach by engaging the unique strengths of UC Davis in agriculture, environmental sciences, public health, veterinary medicine, and entrepreneurship with theory and practice to address the root causes of global poverty and inequality. Through partnering up with local and international communities, building local capacity, and implementing co-generated sustainable and innovative solutions, we seek to increase opportunities for disadvantaged communities around the world by providing UC Davis students and faculty a way to work with these communities and resolve global issues surrounding poverty and inequality.

Contact Information

Director: Lovell (Tu) Jarvis
Associate Director: Kurt Kornbluth
Executive Director: Liliane Larson 
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Blum Center
3001 Wickson Hall
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