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Energy Institute

One of the 21st century’s biggest challenges is transitioning to a sustainable energy future. The UC Davis Energy Institute combines research, education, and outreach programs in energy science, technology, management, and policy to help facilitate this transition and provide new energy solutions.

A special program within the UC Davis Office of Research, the Institute focuses and coordinates energy research and education across the campus and partners with other campus, state, national, and international centers and institutes in fostering new innovations, expanding public service, and informing decision making in government, industry, and other sectors. 

Contact Information

Associate Directors: Kurt Kornbluth, Alan Meier, Mark Modera
Phone: 530-752-4909

Main Office:
Energy Efficiency Center
1605 Tilia Street, Suite 100
Davis, CA 95616

Mailing address:
UC Davis Energy Institute
One Shields Avenue
Davis, CA 95616