Student in greenhouse

Plant Sciences

Learn how plants grow, develop and function in agricultural ecosystems, urban environments and natural and managed wildlands, and how plant products are utilized for food, fiber and environmental enhancement.


  • Certified arborist
  • Crop safety specialist
  • Environmental restoration consultant
  • Greenhouse/indoor plant production specialist
  • Pest and weed control advisor
  • Plant breeder
  • Plant geneticist 
  • Precision agriculture specialist
  • Rangeland manager
  • Sustainable plant production specialist
  • Urban green space developer


  • Crop Production and Agroecology
  • Crop Quality and Safety
  • Ecological Management and Restoration
  • Environmental Horticulture and Urban Landscape Management
  • Plant Breeding, Genetics and Genomics
  • Plant Informatics
  • Plant Sciences Individual Option


1220 Plant and Environmental Sciences Building