Our Mission and Values

CAES Advising team photo


College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Advising's Mission and Values

The College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences is dedicated to supporting and guiding students to make informed decisions regarding their academic success. Our mission: 

Academic advising in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (CA&ES) facilitates a network of support connecting students with faculty, staff, and peer advisors. Students and advisors have a shared responsibility to develop partnerships where students are mentored in their academic exploration and pursuit of goals by advisors who provide guidance and knowledge. We provide undergraduates support in decision-making from their time as a prospective student through graduation. 

As advisors, we value:

Diversity: We recognize that our student population has varied backgrounds, academic interests, and post-graduation goals. We seek to empower each student to uniquely contribute to our college and university. 

Innovation: Excellence in student learning and research motivates staff and faculty to continually challenge and reevaluate existing advising practices. We understand that advising should be dynamic and individualized, in order to best serve our student population. 

Respect: We are committed to creating an inclusive advising environment, so students feel comfortable asking questions and engaging in dialogue with their advisors. 

Integrity: Advisors provide students with intentional, accurate advising. Students are expected to synthesize information by thinking critically and making educated decisions. 

Awareness: We create an advising experience in which advisors are aware of students' academic, mental, and physical health. By maintaining campus partnerships, advisors direct students to available resources to meet varying needs.