Grading & Repeats

The qualitative expectation for the college is a minimum of 2.0 or ‘C’ average to maintain good academic standing. Students are able to select grade mode options for coursework, in consultation with their academic advisors, and should make this selection by the 25th day of instruction.

Grades and grade points calculate a student’s grade point average. Students can repeat coursework if necessary to improve upon their grade point average. 

Add/Drop/Pass-Not Pass

After the deadline, the dean of the college is designated by the Academic Senate as its agent in acting upon petitions of students to add/drop courses, to elect pass/no-pass grading, or to revert back to letter grade after the deadline, such actions to be in accordance with UC Davis Division guidelines and with policies recommended by the Student Actions and Commencement Awards Committee. The pass/no-pass option is to be used only for elective courses and should not be used for major requirements.

More information regarding types of grades can be found on the Office of the Registrar's website and on the course catalog.
Grade Types
Repeating a Course