Chris Vogel

CA&ES Environmental Toxicologist Wins 2020 Laboratory Safety Award

Chris Vogel, a research professor in the Department of Environmental Toxicology, is a 2020 laboratory safety award winner for his oversight of a laboratory focused on environmental and molecular toxicology.

Vogel was selected for the exceptional management of his lab, which is part of the Center for Health and the Environment (CHE). The Safety Services Lab Safety Awards are endorsed by the faculty-led Chemical and Lab Safety Committee and are given to scientists in individual units throughout UC Davis.

“Chris is a hands-on principal investigator who follows up on campus safety protocols,” said Shanie McCarty, the CHE safety coordinator. “He is very concerned for his lab personnel’s safety and makes sure their training is up to date. He also maintains records to show that his staff and students are trained and aware of safety practices.”

The overall focus of the research at CHE is the effect of environmental agents on the health of humans, animals and other organisms. Vogel’s lab focuses on a specific area of research examining the link between toxicants and human diseases.

“We investigate how the innate immune system is affected after exposure to environmental pollutants,” Vogel said. “Due to the prevalence of chronic inflammatory diseases, it is critical to gain deeper understanding of the genetic networks driving the development and function of immune cells in order to devise strategies to combat immune disorders and to engineer regenerative strategies.”

This is the second annual UC Davis Lab Safety Awards, which recognize research labs in each school and college for their strong safety culture and embodying the Safety Services motto: “Think Safe. Act Safe. Be Safe.” Last year, the CA&ES recipient was the laboratory of Linda Harris, microbial food safety specialist and chair of the Department of Food Science and Technology.

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