Aaron Smith

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Department Vice Chair

Agricultural and Resource Economics



Stochastic permanent breaks
RF Engle, AD Smith
Review of Economics and statistics 81 (4), 553-574, 1999

Commodity storage and the market effects of biofuel policies
CA Carter, GC Rausser, A Smith
American Journal of Agricultural Economics 99 (4), 1027-1055, 2016

Commodity booms and busts
CA Carter, GC Rausser, A Smith
Annual Reviews, 2011

Level shifts and the illusion of long memory in economic time series
A Smith
Journal of Business & Economic Statistics 23 (3), 321-335, 2005

Markov-switching model selection using Kullback–Leibler divergence
A Smith, PA Naik, CL Tsai
Journal of Econometrics 134 (2), 553-577, 2006