Simultaneous Enrollment

A student intending to take a course at both UC Davis and another institution must be enrolled full-time, at 12-quarter units, at UC Davis and be in good academic standing. In order to apply, students must do the following:

  • Have an approved academic plan on file via OASIS
  • Be enrolled in 12 quarter units for the term they are applying for
  • Be in good academic standing for the term they are applying for
    • For students applying for fall quarter, end of term must be completed for spring quarter (at the end of June) before applications can be approved
    • For students on academic contracts during summer session, petitions will not be approved for fall quarter
    • Must schedule a meeting with a Dean’s office advisor the quarter before applying for simultaneous enrollment
    • Applications must be submitted and approved prior to enrolling for the course


Submission of petition does not guarantee approval. 
It is recommended students obtain an approved academic plan to ensure they are meeting minimum progress standards for the academic year.