Transfer of Credit

Transfer work completed at a California Community college, other UC, or other 4 year institution can assist students with completion to degree. The Office of the University Registrar is developing a campus-wide process to assist students with the evaluation of their coursework. All California Community college transfer agreements can be found on and students are encouraged to meet with their academic advisor(s) to review how transfer coursework can impact progress towards degree. 

Who Initiates a Transfer Equivalency Request?

  • Students might come directly to department coordinators inquiring whether a course or courses they took at a non-CCC should count as being equivalent to UC Davis courses.
  • Transfer Credit Unit (TCU) in the OUR will review the courses brought in by each cohort of transfer students to identify those most commonly used and request departmental review.
  • Currently, some departments have lists of equivalencies on their website. OUR will contact those departments to verify the data and request approval to enter the list into Banner. 
  • Courses offered in the Cross Campus Enrollment program require equivalency evaluations and will be sent to the departments for review.

Criteria for determining an equivalency:

  • Course must have been deemed transferable by UGA.
  • Subject content should be determined to be equivalent by the faculty expert or his/her delegate.
  • For a course to be equivalent to a UCD course that contains General Education (GE) attributes, the non-UCD course must also include sufficient content to cover ALL the GE attributes assigned to the UCD course. If all the GE attribute content is not included in the non-UCD course then it cannot be approved to be equivalent.
  • Equivalencies will be used in the Banner system beginning with the term indicated by the reviewer.
  • The length of the review cycle must be indicated for each equivalency. The Transfer Equivalency Unit (TEU) in OUR will keep track of each course review cycle and contact the coordinator for updates at the proper time.
  • The primary documentation provided for each review will be catalog descriptions and syllabi (when available).


For students seeking to apply for simultaneous enrollment during the regular academic year in order to apply transfer coursework to their degree requirements, you must meet with your major advisors and dean's office advisors prior to enrollment. Please note, it is not guaranteed that petitions for simultaneous enrollment will be approved. Other enrollment types where students may accrue transfer credit include: 

  • Cross-campus: UC students can take online courses across the UC system 
  • Open Campus: UC Davis courses available to non-regularly enrolled students 
  • UC Online