The Cause and Effects of ‘Hop Creep’ During Beer Production

Crafting beer is a precise science. Brewers know that various types of yeast and different fermentation methods control how beer will taste. But a phenomenon known as “hop creep” can sometimes throw a brewer for a loop.

New research shows that perhaps brewers don’t have to feel bitter about it. A UC Davis study published in the Journal of the American Society of Brewing Chemists provides insight into why hop creep happens and its implications for brewers.

Iron Brew Winner: Caledonian Nights

Posted by John Stumbos and Dave Jones

Cheers to the student team whose Scottish export style ale, Caledonian Nights, winner of UC Davis’ 2020 Iron Brew competition, hit the market last week.

The “Pope of Foam” receives accolades from three brewing industry organizations

Charlie Bamforth—the Anheuser-Busch Endowed Professor of Malting and Brewing Sciences at UC Davis—is a legend in the world of fermented beverages. Many of the brew masters leading the renaissance in beer making today studied under his tutelage.

Three of the brewing industry’s professional organizations this year have or will be honoring the “Pope of Foam” with awards that speak to a lifetime of accomplishments.

Home Brew

UC Davis, Sudwerk Brewing Co. Launch Gunrock Lager   The University of California, Davis, a world leader in brewing science and education, is now one of the few universities nationwide to have its own branded beer. It has teamed up with Sudwerk Brewing Co. of Davis to launch a light-bodied lager called Gunrock, named after the university’s iconic mascot, a blue mustang.

The beer is on tap at Sudwerk Brewing Co., the official partner of the UC Davis Brewing Program.

$2 Million Gift on Tap

Sierra Nevada Brewing owners establish endowment in the UC Davis Brewing Program.

Ken Grossman of Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. and his wife, Katie Gonser, have presented UC Davis with a $2 million gift to support the campus’s renowned brewing science program.

The gift establishes an endowment to provide ongoing funding for a full-time staff brewing position, focused on excellence in hands-on brewing education in the UC Davis Department of Food Science and Technology.