Student Life

Student Entomologists Gain Hands-On Skills in Insect Biology

Distinguished Professor of Entomology Jay Rosenheim noticed a trend during his office hours a few years ago: Many of his undergraduate students wanted research lab experience but were unsure how to get started. Alongside colleagues Louis Yang and Joanna Chiu, they collectively decided to try something different in 2011.

“Our basic idea was to get students into the labs really early in their undergraduate programs,” Rosenheim recalled. “There’s a whole new set of skills that are very different from what students are typically working on in their formal coursework.”

Get a Taste of “Brew La-La,” Winner of the Iron Brew Competition

In a celebration of friendship and fermentation, the 2024 UC Davis Iron Brew competition crowns "Brew La-La" as this year's winner. With each sip, this Belgian blonde ale features hints of honeysuckle, wildflowers and citrus blossoms that intertwine with subtle undertones of vanilla, bubble gum and honey. 


Where Can You Grab a Pint?

Starting May 30 – Available at Gunrock located on campus near the Silo

Starting May 31 – Available at Sudwerk Brewing Co. located at 2001 2nd St., Davis.

A Message From the Dean - April 2024

April was a busy month for our barn managers and student residents! We can’t get enough of all the baby animals being born this spring. New life brings so much joy to campus and unparallel hands-on learning for our students who are assisting with the births. Take a look at the photo reel above for a peek at students in action. Our photographer managed to attend the birth of a new foal at midnight, caught several new kids on film at the goat barn, and captured students in action with baby chicks at Picnic Day. 

Clinical Nutrition Student Prioritizes Healthy Habits

UC Davis student Makhi Jones likes to enjoy a hearty meal. One of his go-to favorites is the Hawaiian Spicy Chicken entrée at Good Friends Hawaiian Poke restaurant in downtown Davis. The clinical nutrition major who is set to graduate this spring, said it’s all about balance when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle.

“I’m not perfect; I still eat out here and there, but I try not to do it too often,” Jones said.

While he likes to dine out sometimes, he frequently prepares meals himself.

Studying in Nepal: Students Find Adventure, Friendship and Purpose

UC Davis professors with a longstanding connection to Nepal, along with their Nepalese colleagues, lead a learning exchange program that offers students a profound immersion in the country’s vibrant culture, environment and history. Through hands-on projects designed with a small rural village, students gain a unique perspective on global citizenship and community engagement while creating special bonds with new friends.

Fungi Scouting Field Trip Yields Edible Finds, Plus Poisonous Ones, too

They had names like Galerina marginata, Helvella dryophila and Ramalina menziesii.

Such was the bounty collected by students from UC Davis and other Bay Area colleges during a weekend fungi hunt field trip along the California coast.

The trip is a beloved tradition and a sought-after adventure for students taking PLP 148: Introductory Mycology, which is the study of fungi like mushrooms, molds and yeasts.

Enhancing Student Learning with Virtual Reality

In a peach processing facility, the air might be filled with the sweet aroma of ripe peaches and the sound of equipment humming as it carries out the canning process. At the California Processing Tomato Industry Pilot Plant on campus, students within the Department of Food Science and Technology (FST) get to see that action firsthand. They can also now experience it – virtually.