Human & Animal Health

Preventing Child Malnutrition and Promoting Healthy Development

A small sachet of a fortified food-based supplement added to young children’s daily diets in low- and middle-income countries has shown remarkable results in preventing child mortality and malnutrition, while also promoting healthy development. The new findingsfrom researchers at the University of California, Davis, based on an analysis combining data from 14 trials, were published in a series of four papers in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

UC Davis professor appointed to lead national team tasked with developing report on climate change

Eric Chu, assistant professor in human ecology, has spent years studying how local governments and communities plan for and adapt to the impacts of climate change. Chu was recently chosen by the U.S. Global Change Research Program to help prepare the Fifth National Climate Assessment (NCA5), a congressionally mandated report on the science of climate change and its impacts on the country.

Cultural Biases Impact Native Fish, Too

From art to religion to land use, much of what is deemed valuable in the United States was shaped centuries ago by the white male perspective. Fish, it turns out, are no exception.

A study published in Fisheries Magazine, a journal of the American Fisheries Society, explores how colonialist attitudes toward native fishes were rooted in elements of racism and sexism. It describes how those attitudes continue to shape fisheries management today, often to the detriment of native fishes.

Alumnae Set Table in Knights Landing

By Edwin Garcia

Offering Groceries, Other Essentials in Weekly Giveaway

Sara Guevara-Plunkett knows what it’s like to rely on handouts during tough times.

At the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, the UC Davis premed student looked forward to Tuesdays, the day when several “moms and pops” in Davis and Woodland take to the sidewalks where they set up tables and load them with groceries, clothes and toiletries. Guevara-Plunkett could take as much as she wanted. Free. No questions asked.

California helps farmers bring COVID-19 vaccines to the field

Farmers and agricultural employers can protect their business and their employees by supporting workers’ access to COVID-19 vaccines. It’s now faster and easier for farmers to help their workers get vaccinated, thanks to a new partnership program sponsored by the California Department of Public Health.

Early Childhood Lab Reinvents Itself Amid Pandemic

Toddlers Attend In-Person or Online, and Teachers Gain New Insight

Teacher Patty Yeung kneels down with a container of ladybugs, and six tiny children encircle her like a hug. She gently lifts the lid, releasing a cloud of ladybugs into the spring garden at the Early Childhood Lab School.

“Open your palm and let them come to you,” Yeung says as the ladybugs flit amid the lavender and fava beans and the toddlers’ outstretched arms.