Human & Animal Health

Clinical Nutrition Student Prioritizes Healthy Habits

UC Davis student Makhi Jones likes to enjoy a hearty meal. One of his go-to favorites is the Hawaiian Spicy Chicken entrée at Good Friends Hawaiian Poke restaurant in downtown Davis. The clinical nutrition major who is set to graduate this spring, said it’s all about balance when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle.

“I’m not perfect; I still eat out here and there, but I try not to do it too often,” Jones said.

While he likes to dine out sometimes, he frequently prepares meals himself.

Understanding Cattle Grazing Personalities May Foster Sustainable Rangelands

Not all cattle are the same when it comes to grazing. Some like to wander while others prefer to stay close to water and rest areas.

Recognizing those personality differences could help ranchers select herds that best meet grazing needs on rangelands, leading to better animal health and environmental conditions, according to a new paper from the University of California, Davis, published in the journal Applied Animal Behaviour Science.

Can Science Find a Better Way to Trim a Cat’s Nails?

University of California, Davis, researchers are working with the Sacramento SPCA to alleviate a near-universal source of stress for cats and those who care for them: nail trimming.

Clipping a cat or kitten’s nails should be a routine practice, not only for the health of the cat and humans, but also to protect curtains, couches and other housewares.

But it can be a nerve-wracking task for all involved and the noise and discomfort of a shelter can increase anxiety.

UC Davis and Yolo County Partner to Alleviate Poverty

Yolo County’s poverty rate is 25% higher than the California average. To bring that number home, nearly one in five people live in poverty in the county. Poverty is defined as living on less than $30,000 a year for a family of four. If you run the numbers for what you personally spend on food, utilities, and housing, these numbers loom starkly. Families below the poverty level face numerous additional stressors day-to-day.