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A Message From the Dean - March 2023

Early signs of spring’s renewal fed by hearty March rains are starting to bloom, adding vibrancy to the campus. These days also provide a chance to welcome the next generation of Aggies after UC Davis formally accepted thousands of new first year students. About 9,400 first year and transfer students are expected to enroll this fall.

The university continued to attract high numbers of applicants with nearly 110,000 people seeking admission – 94,609 first year and 14,741 transfers students – a number just 0.8% less than last year. Nearly 15,500 of the applications were for the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.

Aggie Day on April 8 is a chance for prospective first-year students to attend a one-day open house on campus. New admits can learn about all the ways UC Davis offers a unique experience, from dining and financial aid assistance to housing options and student groups. Transfer students will have the same opportunity on May 5. The registration deadline for first year students is May 1.

This month’s Highlights offers a glimpse into the hard work done to fulfill the school’s mission to address pressing challenges in agriculture, environment and human sciences. We have stories about students “rewilding” the campus by establishing native gardens in neglected spaces; scientists identifying a set of genes that can lead to longer more efficient wheat roots that will help plants retrieve water from deeper supplies during drought; and researchers developing a method for food banks to assess if there are additional ways they can promote nutrition and health. The newsletter also highlights many honors earned by faculty and staff, as well as an alumna of the Department of Viticulture and Enology who is the first Black winemaker in Napa County.

As we look toward warmer days, please remember that UC Davis Give Day is April 14-15 and consider becoming a social ambassador to spread the word about how to help fund meaningful research and program challenges from CA&ES.

Welcome to the Aggie-verse, Class of 2027! 

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