Jorge Dubcovsky

Jorge Dubcovsky

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  • Plant Sciences


A NAC gene regulating senescence improves grain protein, zinc, and iron content in wheat
C Uauy, A Distelfeld, T Fahima, A Blechl, J Dubcovsky
Science 314 (5803), 1298-1301, 2006

Positional cloning of the wheat vernalization gene VRN1
L Yan, A Loukoianov, G Tranquilli, M Helguera, T Fahima, J Dubcovsky
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 100 (10), 6263-6268, 2003

Characterization of polyploid wheat genomic diversity using a high‐density 90 000 single nucleotide polymorphism array
S Wang, D Wong, K Forrest, A Allen, S Chao, BE Huang, M Maccaferri, ...
Plant biotechnology journal 12 (6), 787-796, 2014

The wheat VRN2 gene is a flowering repressor down-regulated by vernalization
L Yan, A Loukoianov, A Blechl, G Tranquilli, W Ramakrishna, ...
Science 303 (5664), 1640-1644, 2004

The wheat and barley vernalization gene VRN3 is an orthologue of FT
L Yan, D Fu, C Li, A Blechl, G Tranquilli, M Bonafede, A Sanchez, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 103 (51), 19581-19586, 2006