Student Farm Still Growing Strong

Girl with plant
Environmental science and management student Alexis Fujii harvests basil in a greenhouse at the Student Farm. (Photo: John Stumbos)

From its inception for alternative & organic research - to its development into a market and ecological garden - the Student Farm is all about innovation.

Since 1977, the 20-acre Student Farm has given thousands of students with an interest in sustainable agriculture plenty of hands-on opportunities through internships, courses, and part-time jobs.

The heart of the operation is the Market Garden, managed by organic farmer Raoul Adamchak, and the Ecological Garden, managed by horticulturist and educator Carol Hillhouse.

The Market Garden grows and sells about $100,000 of produce each year to community subscribers, campus dining services, and the student-run Coffee House. The Ecological Garden is filled with fruit trees, flowers, herbs, and small vegetable plots, and also hosts a Kids in the Garden program for area schoolchildren.

“We’re trying to teach students about the entire food system by involving them in it directly,” said Student Farm director Mark Van Horn. “We help them learn not only ‘what,’ but also ‘how’ and ‘why.’”