Food Science and Technology

Get a Taste of “Brew La-La,” Winner of the Iron Brew Competition

In a celebration of friendship and fermentation, the 2024 UC Davis Iron Brew competition crowns "Brew La-La" as this year's winner. With each sip, this Belgian blonde ale features hints of honeysuckle, wildflowers and citrus blossoms that intertwine with subtle undertones of vanilla, bubble gum and honey. 


Where Can You Grab a Pint?

Starting May 30 – Available at Gunrock located on campus near the Silo

Starting May 31 – Available at Sudwerk Brewing Co. located at 2001 2nd St., Davis.

Grape Seeds, Stems and Skins in Feed Can Reduce Dairy Cattle Emissions

California’s wine industry could play a role in reducing methane emissions from dairy cattle.

Researchers at University of California, Davis, added fresh grape pomace left over from winemaking operations to alfalfa-based feed for dairy cows and found that methane emissions were reduced by 10% to 11%. 

The preliminary findings could offer a low-cost sustainable pathway for vineyards to reduce waste while helping dairy operations maintain quality while cutting back on emissions of methane, which is a powerful greenhouse gas.

Enhancing Student Learning with Virtual Reality

In a peach processing facility, the air might be filled with the sweet aroma of ripe peaches and the sound of equipment humming as it carries out the canning process. At the California Processing Tomato Industry Pilot Plant on campus, students within the Department of Food Science and Technology (FST) get to see that action firsthand. They can also now experience it – virtually.

More Than a Taste Test: What It’s Like to be on a Trained Sensory Panel

Pieces of dried mango rest on the bottom of a black opaque goblet. Next to it, another glass contains apricot jam. Leticia Cardoso Madureira Tavares, a second-year Ph.D. student in biosystems engineering, brings the glasses up to her nose one at a time to take a sniff.

Honey varieties being studied

Orange blossom: gathered from California citrus groves, it’s light in color with mild citrus and floral notes.