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Growing, Crafting, Selling: Students Learn the Art of Olive Oil Production


Olio Novello Festival

Saturday, November 18
Noon to 3 p.m.
UC Davis Olive Center at the Robert Mondavi Institute for Wine and Food Science

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-Free tastings of the 2023 limited edition Olio Novello extra virgin olive oil

-“Grow Olive Trees in your Garden: Basics of Planting and Care,” a free class with tips on how to grow olive trees at home

More Than a Taste Test: What It’s Like to be on a Trained Sensory Panel

Pieces of dried mango rest on the bottom of a black opaque goblet. Next to it, another glass contains apricot jam. Leticia Cardoso Madureira Tavares, a second-year Ph.D. student in biosystems engineering, brings the glasses up to her nose one at a time to take a sniff.

Honey varieties being studied

Orange blossom: gathered from California citrus groves, it’s light in color with mild citrus and floral notes.

Chardonnay Marc: A ‘Trifecta’ of Health, Taste and Sustainability

UC Davis researchers are providing more insight into how grape skins and seeds, which usually go to waste during the making of chardonnay wine, may be a valuable and healthful ingredient in new food products.

A review paper published by the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry outlines how chardonnay marc can serve as a model for developing plant-based natural product food ingredients, and perhaps make upcycling agricultural byproducts relevant to other post-harvest processing scenarios.

New Sensory Immersive Room at UC Davis Simulates Real-life Environments for Product Testing

What makes a cup of coffee or an energy bar enjoyable is usually more than just the taste. The surrounding environment may also influence the experience.

With that in mind, the Department of Food Science and Technology at University of California, Davis has constructed a new multi-sensory immersive room that can be used for product development, innovation and research.

Historical Artwork with Agricultural Motifs on Display at the Robert Mondavi Institute Complex

Peaches, grapes, tomatoes and olives – some of California’s specialty crops that have been the subject of numerous research projects at UC Davis are also a prominent feature in a colorful art display at the home of the Department of Food Science and Technology.

A large vinyl display was recently unveiled in the Robert Mondavi Institute (RMI) complex. It was created using images of three historical batik cloth panels that depict California agricultural motifs.